PO Statements Material Bezeichnung des Werkstoffs. The material used in the experiment. material Material Material MATERIAL_NAME Werkstoff Material ZStE340 H340LAD HX340LAD 42CrMoS4 AFZ1-Fz-S1Q.xlsx AFZ-BU-S1.TXT DIN EN ISO 16808:2022-08, 12 DIN EN ISO 16808:2022-08, 12 YS1-FzR4-S1Q YS1-FzR4-S1Q General Knowledge General Knowledge AFZ1-ST-D1 AFZ1-NZ50-25-D1Q AFZ1-NZ50-25-D1Q AWA_1_01_Rz-46N171 DIN EN ISO 12004-2: 2021_07 DIN EN ISO 12004-2: 2021_07, 7 YS1-Fz-D1Q YS1-Sz0°-S1L

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